Career Path list What can you do after FSC?

career path list for students

Are you worried about your career path? Well! here is a list of studies, to help you select one. 

After  FSc, you have to select the right career path. The right career will helps to get stable in life. It can be an MBA, B.Com, LLB etc. It uniquely depends upon your interest. 

This blog not only help you find your passion. But also, it provides you  the necessary information for your career path. In Pakistan all universities offer this program.


After FSc,  you can choose career path a master’s in Business Administration. The program is offer after BBA (16 years of education). It is also done after 14 years of education (B.A). To choose an MBA degree, students must clear FSc with a minimum of 60% marks. 


Bachelor’s in computers is a 2-year degree program. It is selected right after FSc. This program completes 14 years of education. After that, you must go for a university’s master’s 2-year degree program. To sum up, you can complete your 16 years of education. 


you can choose this degree as career path. Bachelors in law can be pursued after FSc. In Pakistan all universities offer this program. It is a 3-year degree program in law sciences. You can further do specialization (Masters). By doing so, you will have the degree of L.L.M


Most people pursue a BS 4-year degree program after FSc. The program  is offered in natural sciences, engineering, and biosciences. After its completion, a 2-year degree program MS is taken up, leading to PhD. you can choose this degree as career path. In Pakistan all universities offer this program.


Students can also choose to do freelancing. By learning online skills, you can be a professional freelancer. No specific qualification is required. You can choose this degree as career path. All you need is proficiency in English with also, online skills. You can do networking, web-designing, editing etc.


Blogging is a form of freelancing. You can adopt it after FSc. You can choose this degree as career path. Blogging need conversational writing skills with also, English proficiency. It is an easy source to earn money via internet. In sum most, of the students nowadays are blogging online. It can make their research skills better and more fruitful.


Teaching is a great method to keep previous knowledge. However, it requires command of the knowledge and good communication. You can  teach primary and middle classes after FSc. Teaching  can benefit you in higher education and also, professional life as well. 

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