Make money watching videos

Making money by watching videos online is a lot easier than you can even think. Sometimes it can be more like watching a simple TV series or drama or any documentary of your interest. But the best part is, you can earn a lot of money by doing this task professionally. 

Through proper online apps, you can make money by watching videos. These apps include Swagbucks, Inbox pounds, Prize rebel etc. By using these apps intelligently you can earn a big amount for paid viewing. 

This article gives information about paid viewing and how to get its benefits. You can learn the apps through which you can earn money just by watching videos.

  • Using Swagbucks

Through Swagbucks, you can make good money by creating an account on it. Then you can watch videos of every type i.e. the viral content, the most discussed public issue or any advertisement.

  • Using Inbox pounds

You can take surveys and watch all types of videos on Inbox pounds. It is a similar app to that of Swagbucks and a pretty good cost can be earned through it. 

  • Using Prize rebel

You can do paid viewing and get your money via pay pal. A gift card can also be a paying method for you. In both cases, you can redeem your money in the form of points or waivers on the total cost of the product you want to buy. 

  • Subtitle writing

You can make money by adding subtitles to the given video. It can be a pretty time taking task but eventually give you quite a handsome amount at the end of the task. You can find the subtitling jobs on fiver or Upwork where the freelancers can hire you for the job. 

  • Using slice the pie

It is also a site like Swagbucks where you can be paid for the videos or advertisements you watch. You can withdraw at least $10 from PayPal as your amount will be paid there. 


You can use all the sites mentioned above to get a free money source just by mere watching the videos. It can be really beneficial for all the individuals who can not spare time to learn any new technology. Handsome money can be saved and you can get a boost to your finance by creating an account on any of these sites.