Asana yoga with name 

Several benefits are associated with this yoga practice which includes increased flexibility of the body, reducing stress, ensuring quick healing of the body, and making your joints healthy.

Asana is primarily a position of the body and can generally be described as sitting in a pose for meditation. Asana can also be referred to as a position taken during simple yoga. 

This article will tell you the types of asana Yoga and their importance in everyday life.


Skanska helps to improve mental health by reducing depression and anxiety levels. It also corrects the body posture. It plays a vital role in improving the digestive system of the body and losing weight. This type of exercise is very easy to perform 


This type of exercise stimulates glands in the gut to secrete digestive juices, thus making digestion more efficient .it also helps to reduce belly fat and increases the flexibility of the body 


This exercise causes our concentration span to increase and helps us get rid of laziness, therefore increasing productivity in everyday life.  However, this exercise is difficult to perform and requires a lot of practice.

Bhujangasana [TYPE 4]

This exercise is very important for women as it reduces menstrual problems by stretching ovaries. Moreover, It is of great importance for people suffering from arthritis in the back. This 

exercise also helps in reducing stress.


This type of asana helps in strengthening muscles and improves metabolism and blood circulation. This exercise also ensures comfortable sleep and reduces insomnia.


This exercise plays an important role in improving memory and attention span. It is the most difficult asanas to perform.


It is one of the easiest Asanas to carry out and helps in ensuring efficient contraction and relaxation of muscles.


All the exercises mentioned above are of paramount importance as they keep you in the right shape and ensure your perfect health. It makes the quality of your life better and increases your thinking capacity. Moreover, it increases your chances of living longer.

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