Best Universities in Multan

Best Universities in Multan offer most of the programs

Multan has some great public and private universities. These sectors provide the quality education. However, the admission policy and fee structure  are different. 

So, to the ensure the quality education.  The universities of Multan are all HEC recognized. But the best universities in Multan include are.

  • Bahauddin Zakariya University.
  • Nishtar Medical University etc.

This blog tells  you all the information related the best universities in Multan.  And additionally about admission criteria.  It also puts light on the location of universities.

BZU university:

BZU was founded since in 1975. It is the public sector . It offer admission in more than 130 programs like chem, math, applied sciences and BS programs. Each department has its own faculty and the head of department. BZU  secured a position in the world’s top 800 uni’. It has only one intake per year. It offers  most of the programs for students.  Also, Uni has its own transport system. 

NMU university:

NMU is a public sector. Its a uni of health sciences. In health sciences it offer MBBS and post graduate programs. Students need to clear the MDCAT exam in order to admission. It is one of the best medical institute in Multan.


WUM is a public sector. While its  sub-campus is in Multan. The uni is specifically built for women. To secure admission students have to clear the tests conducted through uni. It has only one intake. Uni also has own transport system for students.

MNS University of Agriculture:

MNS  is a public sector . It  mainly focus on biosciences and agriculture for graduate and undergraduate programs. Students registered on the basis of merit. The uni offers two intakes. Its fall and spring. It also  provides transport services to students.   


ISP is a private sector. It is  one of the biggest uni’ in south Punjab. It offers programs in more than 68 subjects. With 10,000 plus students secured high rank in HEC. Although the 40,000 plus alumni and more than 14 student societies secured a high rank in HEC.