Ehsaas Undergraduate scholarship phase 3 | Eligiblity Criteria

Are you looking for Ehsaas Undergraduate scholarship phase 3? You are here in the right place.

Here we have completely described Ehsaas Undergraduate scholarship phase 3. In this article, we are going to discuss, which students are eligible and which are not eligible for the Ehsaas Undergraduate scholarship.

The present government of Pakistan has started the biggest ever undergraduate scholarship program, namely, Ehsaas Undergraduate Scholarship in late 2021. Under the present program, 200,000 low-income students are to be accepted for receiving engineering scholarships. Around half percentage of the total number of seats is reserved for women. Selection of candidates for the scholarship is done on the basis of academic merit and financial need.

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The process of applying for essays undergraduate scholarship is comparatively simple and hassle-free as compared to the rest of the other scholarships. Proof of residence or registration of the child is an essential requirement for applying for this scholarship. Along with the application form, there are several queries that are to be answered in detail. It is advised to apply through the internet as it saves time and effort and the results are delivered on time. Once the application has been submitted along with the desired document, it gets delivered to the concerned departments in few days and the review process begins.

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Full Time Engineering students enrolled in some reputed university or any institute can apply for the scholarship offered under the essays undergraduate scholarship scheme. The criteria of selection are the same as that of the full tuition fee for all the students. The selection process may vary from one institute to another. Selection of the best students is done on the basis of merit, academic qualification, experience, and so forth. Selection for the scholarships is done based on the needs and requirements, so the students have to satisfy the selection committee before applying for the scholarship.

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Eligibile Students for Ehsaas Scholarship

  1. Newly admitted students
  2. Admission on merit
  3. University should be recognized by HEC (check HEC Recognized Universities)
  4. The degree should be allowed by Higher Education Commission
  5. Applicant age should not be greater, as the limit set by degree program


  • Students already receiving any other scholarship
  • Students having admission on self base
  • Those students which are enrolled in evening programs
  • Private universities students are not eligible
  • Semi Govt. universities students are eligible to apply

Features of Ehsaas Undergraduate Scholarship 2021

  • 50,000 Scholarships Every Year
  • ¬†50% of seats reserved for Girls
  • Complete Tuition4 fee-free
  • Students will be given 40000 per year

List of Universities for Ehsaas  Scholarship 2021

Students of these universities can apply for Ehsaas Scholarship.

Check out the name of your university

Uni lists for ehsaas scholarship


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    My Father is a police he earns 50000
    Out of which he give 12000 every month to a bank from where he took loan to build our house
    We are 9 Family members and all of us 7siblings are studying. I want to study in uog or ucp but we can’t afford. Kindly give me this scholarship every year. I shall be very very ThankfUl to U..

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