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FPSC Inspector ASF Test (BS-16)

It is announced that the FPSC Inspector ASF test (Airports Security Force) in BS-16, Cabinet Secretariat, (Aviation Division) will be held in December 2021. If you are one of those who have applied for its test, this article will be helpful for you.

This guide will discuss the test pattern and syllabus of the FPSC Inspector ASF Test (Airports Security Force) in BS-16.

The pattern of FPSC Inspector Test:

There are two sections of the FPSC Inspector ASF Test. This test is based on MCQ’s question format and contains 100 questions of the duration of 100 minutes. There are 20 questions in the first section having a weightage of 20 marks. At the same time, the second section covers 80 questions having a weightage of 80 marks. Here is the detail of the test pattern.

The two sections of the ASF test are;

  1. English
  2. General Intelligence/ Professional Test

Section # 1. English:

This is the first section of the FPSC Inspector Test in which there will be 20 questions are to be answered.

Section # 2. General Intelligence/ Professional Test:

The second section of the ASF test is based on General Intelligence that covers 80 questions.

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Syllabus of FPSC Inspector ASF Test:

Section I: English

It contains 20 MCQ’s of 20 marks. Grammar Usage and Structure of sentences are covered in this section.

Section II: General Intelligence/ Professional Test

Section II contains 80 MCQs of 80 marks. There are four subsections of section 2, each with 20 effects.

i. Basic Arithmetic

  • Algebra
  • Ratios
  • Percentages
  • Arithmetic Means

ii. Pakistan Affairs & Islamic Studies

  • Basic level knowledge

iii. Security Measures to Maintain Law & Order

iv. Current Affairs

  • Issues/Challenges at National and International Level during the previous two years.