Get Admission in UET Lahore _ Complete Guide,

Get Admission in UET Lahore _ Complete Guide

In this article, we will discuss the complete guide to the UET Lahore admission. This guide will help you a lot in understanding that how can you get admission to UET Lahore.

About UET Lahore

Since the university of Engineering and Technology, UET Lahore is listed as the topmost university in Pakistan that was founded in 1921. There are four campuses in Punjab of this university in Faisalabad, Kala Shah Kaku, Rachna college, and in Narowal. There are about 750 members of the teaching staff and about 11,000 students in these universities.

Is it beneficial to get Admission in UET Lahore?

UET Lahore is beneficial for the students as it provides many facilities. Some of them are listed below;

  • Hostel accommodation
  • Transport facility
  • Health Clinic
  • Wi-Fi facility
  • Modern and equipped labs
  • lectures, seminars, and video conferences
  • digital library
  • Well cafeteria
  • Outdoor and Indoor sports activity

Selection of Field for Admission

You should also select the field in which you want to get admission in UET Lahore. There are 28 departments of different faculties that are listed here;

  • The faculty of Mechanical Engineering
  • The faculty of Civil Engineering
  • The faculty of Electrical Engineering
  • The faculty of natural sciences, Islamic studies, and humanities
  • The faculty of Metallurgy, Chemical Engineering
  • The faculty of Earth Sciences Engineering
  • The faculty of Architecture and planning

Admission Details for UET Lahore

Since the admission opens every fall and spring semester. You can get the prospectus for understanding the details to get admission in UET Lahore by the following branches;

  1. UET Branch
  2. Allama Iqbal Town Branch
  3. Opposite High Court Branch
  4. H Block Branch DHA

Eligibility Criteria for UET Lahore

Here are the eligibility criteria to get admission in UET Lahore;

  1. The candidate should attain a minimum of 60% marks in the previous exam.
  2. The candidate must study maths, physics, and chemistry before it.
  3. An applicant must appear in the entry test of UET Lahore.
  4. Should be fulfilling the eighties and other medical fitness.

Required Documents to Apply

The following documents are must required for applying to get admission in UET Lahore.

  1. Recent passport size pictures that should be no more than 1.0 MB of weightage.
  2. Photocopy of SSC mark sheet
  3. Photocopy of HSC mark sheet
  4. Copy of CNIC or B-Form
  5. Equivalent certificate in case of applying on the basis of A-LEVEL/ O-LEVEL.
  6. Copy of Bachelor/Masters degree for DAE
  7. Medical Certificate
  8. Photocopy of father’s CNIC

Admission Process

If you are excited about applying for admission in UET Lahore, there is an easy and simple process to apply for admission in UET Lahore. The simple and easy steps are discussed here:

  1. You need to go through the UET Lahore prospectus first.
  2. Reach out to the official website of UET Lahore, and log in to the students portal there.
  3. Populate your authentic information including roll number, date of birth, or CNIC number.
  4. The personal information will be updated by your entry test admit card or form.
  5. In case of waiting for the part 2 results, you will be required to enter your matric details, name of institute, and obtained marks in matric and the first year.
  6. In case of applying on the basis of the DAE exam, you will be required to enter the name of the board, registration number, obtained a diploma, and marks.
  7. In case of applying on the basis of any foreign degree or A-LEVELS/ 0-LEVELS, you will need to attach the equivalent certificate.
  8. Now, you can choose the category and the faculty in which you want to get admission in UET Lahore.
  9. Make sure to recheck all the populated details before going to submit it.
  10. You will be required to enter the verification code that is mentioned on the backside of a prospectus.
  11. Submit the form and print it out.
  12. Get yourself be prepared for the entry test.
  13. Submit the fee challan and wait for the merit list after the entry test.

UET Lahore Fee Structure

Admission Application Process Rs. 600
Cost of Prospectus Rs. 1500
Payable Admission Fee Rs. 5,000
Security Fee Rs. 5,000
University Registration Fee Rs. 2,000

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Entry Test to get Admission in UET Lahore

The entry test is compulsory to attempt to get admission in UET Lahore. There is a total of 100 minutes fir this entry test. The entry test will consist of four subjects i.e. English, Maths/Biology, Physics, Chemistry/Computer/Stats.

Candidates are required to come in the examination room with the following things.

  1. Roll number slip/Admit card
  2. Candidate’s CNIC/Domicile/Passport
  3. Blank sheets that should be approved by the Center Suppridendant