How to apply for Ehsaas Scholarship 2021-Ehsaas Scholarship Phase 3

Hello students, here we are going to briefly discuss hat how to apply for the Ehsaas Undergraduate Scholarship in 2021. We will check the details of Ehsaas scholarship phase 3. If you are a student of any Govt university from Pakistan, you can apply for  Ehsaas Scholarship 2021.

When Ehsaas undergraduate Scholarship phase 3 will start?

According to the tweet of  Federal Minister Sania Nishtar, Phase 3 of the Ehsaaas Undergraduate scholarship will start on 30th September 2021. Ehsaas Undergraduate Scholarship portal will open on 30th September, and students will be able to apply online.





Prime Minister Imran Khan announced the Ehsaas Undergraduate Scholarship 2021 for students of low family income. In this way, students will help to continue their studies.

The government wants to ensure that no student is deprived of education for financial reasons. It’s a program for the best students from low-income families.

The study program includes tuition fees and bursaries. It is a step towards making meaningful change in society, saving young people from unemployment and the threat of drugs. It is important to have more educational institutions in the country.


Eligibility Criteria for Ehsaas Scholarship

As I have early mentioned in a post about the eligibility criteria of ehsaas scholarship 2021. Here is also the complete details about it

  • Students studying in any Govt university can apply
  • If your family income isles than 45000 , you can apply for it
  • None of your family member already  will be receiving Ehsaas Scholarship
  • Admission should be on merit base
  • This scholarship is for newly admitted students, Students of 5th or 6th semester cant apply for it
  • Your Degree and university should be recognized by HEC.

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Ineligibility  for Ehsaas Scholarship

  • The students receiving any other Scholarship
  • Self-studying students are not eligible to apply
  • Those students who are Enrolled in distant learning programs
  • Students studying in private universities can’t apply
  • Students having a family income of more than 45k can’t apply for Ehsaas Scholarship



Features of Ehsaas Scholarship 

  1. This scholarship Covers tuition Fees and other stipend
  2. Also provides 4000 per year Scholarship
  3. Total 200,000 scholarships will be provided in 4 years
  4. 50% quota reserved for girls


Scholarship Transfer Process 

If you are selected for ehsaas scholarship, the next process is the transferring of money.The HEC transfer money to the University. Then next University will transfer money to the students Bank. University will deduct fee from the Scholarship amount and remaining will send to the Bank accounts of students.


How to apply for Ehsaas Scholarship ?

Now i am going to tell you the application process of Ehsaas Scholarship 2021.

Go to HEC Ehsaas Portal and Sign Up by using your CNIC and Gmail account.


How to apply for ehsaaas cholarship 2021

After creation of account you will receive an Email. Then you have to login to your account and fill the application form.

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Necessary Documents for Ehsaas Scholarship 2021

  1. Student CNIC
  2. Father CNIC Copy
  3. Mother CNIC Copy
  4. Bills of last 6 months (Electricity,Gas, Water)
  5. Last class marks sheet
  6. Fee challan of University
  7. Fee challan which you had paid in last semester
  8. and some other details

After application, you have to submit the hard copy of the application form and Documents to your university.

1st Interview of Ehsaas Scholarship

Totally 2 interviews will be conducted for Ehsaas undergraduate scholarship. The first interview will be conducted by the University.In the first interview, you will be asked about your application form.They will ask about if you have written all information correct are false, they will also ask about what is the status of your father or mother. And few more questions about your income and your study.


2nd Interview of Ehsaas Scholarship

Second interview is conducted by the faculty of HEC. The second interview is final interview for your selection about scholarship. If you have passed this interview you will be selected for your scholarship. The faculty of HEC will ask few question about your study, your information and your background study , and they will also ask about your income and other monthly expenditure and other expenses. After that they will decide if you are eligible or not eligible for the scholarship. If you are eligible for the scholarship you will be selected. After selection HEC faculty will send a selected students list to the university and University will display the selected students list in the university notice board

This is the complete process of selection and application of ehsaas undergraduate scholarship 2021.

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What is the last date of application for Ehsaas Scholarship phase 3?

The last date for the Ehsaas Scholarship phase 3 Application is 30 November 2021

Who can apply for Ehsaas Scholarship?

Students from all over Pakistan studying in Govt universities can apply for Ehsaas Scholarship

What is the amount of the Ehsaas Scholarship?

The amount of ehsaas undergraduate scholarship, after the deduction of University fee, is 40000. This amount is directly transferred to the bank accounts of students.



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