How to make money from Cryptocurrency?-10 ways to earn

Do you want to make money online, but did not, How to start? .I am here to guide you and make you able to earn money online. I have received a lot of messages on my Telegram and Whats app Group about Cryptocurrency.People had a confusion that How to earn from cryptocurrency. Here i am going to tell you about 10 different ways to make money money online from Cryptocurrency.If you don’t have money to invest, don’t worry, i will also tell you few websites, from where you can earn even without investment.

Here are 10 ways to make money from Cryptocurrency

How to make money from cryptocurrency in 2021

1.Hard Fork

When a cryptocurrency is technically split into two pieces, you get as many currency coins as you have. Start collecting the currency which you think will hard fork in Future.When bitcoin cash was hard forked from Bitcoin,then everyone get new coins.

2. Affiliate Marketing

You may have listen about affiliate marketing. It is simple to promote other products and get commission when anyone buy from your referral. Try to promote different website related to cryptocurrency.If you have your own blog or website you can promote different products.By using your social media accounts you can also sell different products.

Here is website (Block Geeks) by which you will earn crypto, on making sale.Just go to this website (Block Geeks) make account and sell their products on your social media accounts or Blog. You will get commission in cryptocurrency.

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3. Minning

Cryptocurrency mining is a process in which a high speed computer solves difficult problems and get crypto in reward. If you want to do mining you must have a computer with a graphic card. This computer will work 24 hours and mine coins for you. If you want to do mining in Pakistan, its a little difficult .Because the price of electricity in Pakistan is very high , and you get a small amount of profit.

If you have your own source of electricity, then you must install mining machine otherwise its very expensive process for a normal. Moreover in summer you have to also keep your computer cool. This will also cost.

Now a new cryptocurrency is launched in market, which is (PI). it is first digital cryptocurrency which can be mineed from your mobile phone. You have to just open PI Application once in 24 hour and left it, it will mine PI for you. If you want to join PI network kjust click on below link and start mining.

4.Day Trading

In day trading You keep an eye on cryptocurrencies, using an app like Block Folio. These apps tell you the real time market value of cryptocurrency. When you get up in the morning you buy a variety of currencies .You keeping checking the prices of these currencies .When its price goes up , you sell them instantly. Like a stock exchange If you have trading experience, this is an easy way to make money, otherwise avoid it.

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5.Buy and Store Crypto

You buy cryptocurrency when its price is low, and you can wait for it to make a profit. Sell it right away. Everyone can decide for themselves that how much profit they can make? and how long they can wait?. If you had bought etherium in last month which had value of 2$ , Now you are able to sell them in $8.

To follow this method, You must buy Blue Chip cryptocurrencies. These currencies have market value is in billions of dollars. Such currencies are Bitcoin,Litecoin,Etherium etc.

6. Stock

Stock is another way to earn money from cryptocurrency.For this process you have to buy currency first.Then set the master nodes according to your requirement on this stock.After this you can get profit from this sock.

Neblo,Decred,Pivx,Komodo and Navcoin are the example of this.

7. Work for Crypto

There are many block-chain which are in start and making new currency or Tokens.If you work for them they pay you in cryptocurrency.There are many examples of this.

  • Jobs4Bitcoins
  • Bitways
  • Coinworker
  • Coinality
  • XOTFreelancer
  • Earn

Now its up to you to search for these and understand them completely.


Bots or robots are simply computer programs to solve difficult tasks.If you want to earn cryptocurrency from bots,you give your crypto to a computer program or bot.A bot tries different ways(mentioned above) on your crypto and make it more.From that you get your profit.There are also chances to lose money here.These are the famous crypto bots

  • Cryptotrader
  • Comma
  • Crypto hopper
  • Shrimpy
  • Hassoline
  • Crybtobot
  • Margin
  • Profit trailer

9. Master Nods

Complete date and time is written on Master Nodes so that it can be used to verify any transaction.For earning from master nods you have to keep money for few months,and you get profit on every transaction made using master nodes.You have to do nothing, just store the cryptocurrency.It is best way to earn from crypto without any fear of losing money.

10 .Air Drop

When a new cryptocurrency is launched in market,they give their token free of cost, to people for their advertisement.They do this , so more people buy their currency. Every new crypto currency do it.For gaining tokens you have to just make a wallet of that currency and BOOM! you got the new crypto free of cost. That is amazing …!!

I hope you have read the complete article .If you have any problem or confusion, you can contact us for more guidelines.Share it with your friends and family members.Join our whatsapp group for daily updates.

Is Bitcoin Legal inPakistan?

No, Bitcoin is not declared legal yet. Waqar Zaka is fighting case in court to make it legal in Pakistan. Soon it will be declared legal by State Bank of Pakistan.

What are Bots for earning Crypto ?

These are the following bots to earn Cryptocurrency.

Crypto hopper
Profit trailer

How to withdraw crypto in Pakista?

There are many applications and ex-changers to exchange your money from crypto to pakistani rupees. Like Cashmall app.

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