Baby Kaba App report . educationbite

How to Report Baby Kaba App – Baby Kaba App Report

Hello friends, here i am going to discuss, How to Report Baby Kaba App?. This article is going to tell all of you to report Baby Kaba App.There are a lot of apps that tells you if there is any kind of problems in your phone. It also helps you in order to protect your device from being harmed due to 3rd party apps.
What is Baby Kaba App?

This is derived from the description of app from Playstore.

The app is designed for children of preschool ages and also suitable for boys and girls 2- 7 years old. They can color alone, or you can explain to them what they are coloring for a parent and child bonding experience. Have fun!

This app is claiming to teach babies, How to paint, but in actual its 100%  non Muslim propaganda against Islam. They are making such apps against Islam, but it will not  remain longer.

How to Report ?

This is step by Step Guide to report Baby Kaba App.

Step No.1

Go to  Google Playstore and search for “Baby Kaba”. Or You can directly go to this App.

This App will Lokk something Like this

Baby Kaba App report . educationbite
Baby Kaba App report

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Step 2

In  right corner upper side, Click on 3 dots.

and click on “Flag as Inpropriate”


Step 3

Now Click on “Hateful or Abusive Content”

and click on Submit  button.

Ok . you have successfully report this app.