My Email Was Hacked. What should I do?

When you are puzzled about what should you do if your account is hacked, you must try these steps. The email is hacked if you do have not an upgraded system or if you have a weak password. 

When your email is hacked, you must keep a check on your computer’s safety. You must make your password more than eight digits. You must immediately inform your contact list and sync with the two-step authentication.  

This article tells you how to deal with your account if it is hacked and what should you do to recover it. 

Update your security

You have to keep your account up to date in order to maintain its security. You must install proper anti-virus programs to protect your system. You have to update your privacy settings and make your posts shift to “only me”. Stop the public view of your posts. You must share your email with the people you know properly. 

Make a strong password

The second most important step you must take is to make your password strong. Use a capital letter, a digit and special signs to make it strong. You have to use more than eight digits to make it further secure. Try not to save the password on websites, try to memorize your password instead.

Inform your contacts

Immediately inform your contacts, before the hacker reaches them. You have to intimate your contact list about the hacking and all the random posts you have not uploaded. Try to avoid posting for a while even after your email is recovered. 

Beware about scams

Scammers are fatal for your email and software system. Try to avoid opening the websites that you doubt are scams. Do not give your email to such sites as they can invade your email. If your email gets hacked, delete it from such sites immediately. 

Sync with two-factor authentication

By syncing with the two-factor authentication, you can get every single detail of your login. If there is someone unknown who tries to use your email, you get the notification right away. 


Preventing your email from hacking is not really difficult. You just have to take the proper steps mentioned above. Try to avoid the things explained earlier. If your email gets hacked even after that, just make a new one and do the same things.