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Educational Institutions Focus on Making Youth Skilled, President Arif Alvi Addresses Ceremony at Iqra University

President Dr. Arif Alvi has directed the educational institutions to focus on imparting skills to the youth so that the country can move forward on the path of development. Highlighting the importance of vocational education, President Arif Alvi said that one of the key components of our education should be the development of logical thinking and communication skills to hone the skills of our young generation as 64% of the total population is 30 years old. Consists of minors.


He appreciated the performance of Iqra University. The President said that the university should increase the number of graduates.


Emphasizing the importance of technology, he said that many things would change in the next 10 years, with 80% of dental knowledge available online, so such a model could be used for other subjects to educate the youth. Can also be adopted.

As Chancellor of more than 40 universities, he has met with officials of higher education and universities and discussed various aspects of modern education. He congratulated the graduating students and said that they are lucky to have completed their education but many people are deprived of it. “You are a graduate and you have to think about people who have not been able to get an education and you have to do something for them,” he said. He said that the government has launched various programs for the betterment of the poor people living in the country.