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Provincial Management Service PMS Syllabus _ All Subjects

In this article, we will talk about the Provincial Management Service PMS syllabus. We have assembled all the details of the PMS subjects and the syllabus of PMS. So, if you are facing any difficulty in understanding the subjects and their marks distribution for the syllabus of PMS, this article is going to help out in this case.

PMS Exam Marks Distribution

Since there are a total of 1400 marks for the Provincial Management Service PMS exam. The PMS exam consists f two portions i.e. written part and viva voice. The portion of viva voice is a psychology-based assessment or interview.

  • PMS Exam _ Written Portion 

The written portion of the PMS exam consists of compulsory as well as optional subjects. There are a total of 1200, marks for the written portion of the PMS exam.

  • PMS Syllabus _ Viva Voice Portion

The viva voice portion of the PMS exam is the psychological assessment that will be done by the interview. This portion has a mass of 200 marks.

Outline of PMS Exam for Punjab 

The Punjab Public Service Commission PPSC has compiled the PMS syllabus of compulsory as well as optional subjects. The details of the PPMS syllabus for Punjab are discussed below.

PMS Compulsory Subjects Marks Distribution

The PPSC has compiled the syllabus of compulsory subjects that are having a mass of a total of 600. The details of compulsory subjects along with their marks are listed below;

  • English Essay (100 Marks)
  • Urdu Essay, Comprehension & Translation (100 Marks)
  • Englis Precise, Comprehension & Translation (100 Marks)
  • Islamic Studies/ Ethics for Non-Muslims (100 Marks)
  • Pakistan Studies (100 Marks)
  • General Knowledge (100 Marks)

PMS Optional Subjects Marks Distribution

The PMS optional subject syllabus by the PPSC is having a mass of a total of 600 marks. Candidates are required to take any 3 subjects from the given below groups of optional subjects.

PMS Syllabus _ Group A:

Group A belongs to the Commerce subject. The subjects  along with their weightage of marks of Group A are listed below;

  • Commerce (200 Marks)
  • Economics (200 Marks)
  • Political Science (200 Marks)
  • Business Administration (200 Marks)

PMS Syllabus _ Group B:

Group B belongs to the subject of Biological Sciences. The subjects of this group along with the marks are listed below;

  • Botony (200 Marks)
  • Zoology (200 Marks)
  • Agriculture (200 Marks)
  • Veterinary Sciences (200 Marks)

PMS Syllabus _ Group C:

Group C of optional subjects for the PMS syllabus is related to the subject of Mathematics. The marks and the subjects are listed below;

  • Mathematics (200 Marks)
  • Statistics (200 Marks)
  • Computer Sciences (200 Marks)
  • Principle of Engineering (200 Marks)

PMS Syllabus _ Group D:

Group D covers the subject of Physical Sciences. The subjects distribution is listed below;

  • Chemistry (200 Marks)
  • Physics (200 Marks)
  • Geography (200 Marks)
  • Geology (200 Marks)

PMS Syllabus _ Group E:

Group E covers History, Law, and Mass Communications. The subjects related to these are listed below;

  • Law (200 Marks)
  • History (200 Marks)
  • Mass Communication (200 Marks)
  • Politica Science (200 Marks)

PMS PPSC Syllabus _ Group F:

In this group, there are social subjects. You can check the subject details below;

  • Psychology (200 Marks)
  • Sociology (200 Marks)
  • Social Work (200 Marks)
  • Philosophy (200 Marks)

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PMS PPSC Syllabus _ Group G:

You may select the language subject from this group. The details of marks and the subject are listed below;

  • Englis Literature (200 Marks)
  • Punjabi (200 Marks)
  • Education (200 Marks)
  • Persian (200 Marks)
  • Urdu (200 Marks)
  • Arabic (200 Marks)