Rahmat Lil Alameen scholarship 2021 -Application form of Rahmat Lil Alameen scholarship

Rahmatul lil alameen scholarship 2020 form . Rahmatul lil-alameen scholarship apply online.Rahmat Lil Alameen scholarship 2021 -Application form.

The Punjab government has announced a 1 billion Rehmatul-Lil Alameen Scholarship for middle and graduate students. Annually 15000 students will be awarded scholarships. 891 undergraduate students will be awarded a Rehmatul-Lil Alameen scholarship annually while 14000 students are reserved for intermediate students.

For intermediate students, a PKR will be awarded: 25,000 / – per student. CM said Rehmatul-Lil Alameen Scholarship has been established. The chair of Rahmat-ul-Alameen (PBUH) will be established at the divisive universities and the provision of research scholarships on the blessed life of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) at overseas universities.

The deadline has been extended. Now you can apply till 5 April 2021

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Eligibility Criteria of Rahmat Lil Alameen scholarship

Rehmatul-Lil Alameen scholarship will be awarded to public school students based on the following categories

Rahmat Lil Alameen scholarship for SSC Students

Scholarship awarded on the basis of SSC Results will have the following options:

Students who obtained at least 60% marks in the SSC exams at any public school school and obtained admission to a public sector college within two years of passing the SSC exam.

You should not use any other scholarship.

Students of Science and human groups on a scale of 60:40 respectively based on appropriate gender distribution.

For need-based applicants of Rehmatul-Lil Alameen Scholarship

Parent income should be less than or equal to Rs. 25000 / – per month

Parents must not own more than 05 km of agricultural land or 5 Marla of urban property

For 50% of the required bursaries, a quota of 10% for children of public servants will be set (Grades 1 – 4)

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For merit-based applicants of the Rehmatul-Lil Alameen Scholarship

The candidate must be the highest scorer in his or her constituency as nominated by the Department of Higher Education in accordance with the results released by the Board of Higher and Higher Education

The applicant points are verified by the information provided by the Punjab boards about HEP
For students admitted to community institutions from their region, their eligibility will be determined on the basis of regional residency.

Note: Eligibility for appointment must be determined on the basis of the area in which they live, not the area or region in which they are

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How to apply for Rehmatul-Lil Alameen Scholarship?

Online applications will be received for Rehmatul-Lil Alameen Scholarship. In order to apply online for the scholarship please visit the website

Click here 



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