Scope of Biotechnology in Pakistan,

Scope of Biotechnology in Pakistan

Hey, are you looking to know about the field of biotechnology? And also want to know the scope of biotechnology in Pakistan? If your are really looking it, you have landed on the perfect place!

Yes, we are here with the new article in which we will give you information about the field of biotechnology and what is the scope of biotechnology in Pakistan. Just you need to stay with us!

What is a Biotechnology?

Well, have you heard about the cells and the bacteria? Actually biotechnology belongs to the study of living style of not only bacterial and cells rather this livings may be included other objects like mathematics, physics, engineering and chemistry subjects. Biotechnology is also used in the enhancement of genetic structures of animals and plants. There are vast applications of the biotechnology included in the fields of cropping system, pyshology of plants, seed technology, soil sciences and conservations, medicine, cell biology, bioproducts etc.

What is the Work in the field of Biotechnology?

Biotechnologists do the working listed as below:

  • They work in the field of genetic engineering, textile development and cosmetic development to study the examine the chemical proccess.
  • Designs and conducts the experiemnts and then interpret the anylasis on them.
  • Explore new methods and ways to discover, design and use the anti biotics and pesticides.
  • They also work to improve the productions to crops to avoid the pestisides.
  • Contributes their role in the medicine to make it easy to dignos, and the treatement of any disease.
  • Improves the energy production by increasing and covervation of of research and the developments.
  • Also works in the medical laborities for the scientific researches.
  • Explore and discover the new methods for recycling the industrial waste.
  • Helps to improve the enviromental pollutions by producing such sprays or other chemicals.

Educational Degree Programs for Biotechnology in Pakistan

People who are ineterested to study the field of biotechnology, can take the addmissions in the following educational degree programs in Pakistan.

  1. Biotechnology Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) of 2 years
  2. Biotechnology Masters of Science (M.Sc.) of 2 years
  3. BS in Biotechnology (B.S) of 4 years
  4. MS/M.Phil in Biotechnology of 2 years
  5. Ph.D. in Biotechnology of 3 to 5 years

Requirements to Apply for Biotechnology

Interetsed candidates who are willing to pursue theri careers in the feidl of biotechnology must go through the following requirements:

  • Candidate should have F.Sc. Pre-Medical Degree
  • Equivalant degree of F.Sc. like A-Levels
  • BS Entry Test

Job Opportunities for Biotechnologists

Well, the scope of biotechnology in Pakistan is ver vast and spreed in various fileds. Even by doing the BS biotechology in Pakistan can apply for the biotechnology jobs. There are a number of job opportunities for the biotechnologists in Pakistan. Some of them are listed below:

  • There are a number of jobs in the biotechnology field that is becoming one of the major sectors.
  • Biotechnologists are welcome to apply for jobs in the pharmaceutical companies, agriculture, allied industries and and the medicine.
  • Biotechnologists can also apply for the jobs for the horticulture, commerce, teachings, microbial biotechnology laborities.
  • Research laborities are also available to apply for the biotechnologists.
  • Biotechnologists can also apply in the laborities of food sciences.

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