history of great wall of china

The History of the Great Wall of China

History of Great wall of china
Great wall of china

The History of the Great Wall of China can be dated back to the second millennia BC. Its exact location is not known but it is believed to have been built by the last Younger dynasty on the southeast of the Yellow River. The wall was constructed of timber and constructed to defend against the nomad tribes that lived in the steppes around the lower reaches of the Yangtse. This was to safeguard against the bitter cold winter that lay along the border of the Great Wall of China.

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Theories about Great wall of china

There are many theories about how the great wall of China was built, some say that it was a combination of defensive masonry works and the construction of an embankment along the riverbank as the wall was to protect the various branches of the High Rivers. Others say that the wall was constructed of loose gravel or sand and that these bricks or sandstone bricks were set into the smooth high rocky terrain to give the impression of the shape of a building. Yet there is no certain evidence to prove that either of these theories is true. How the Great Wall of China was built is one of history’s great mysteries.

Name of this Wall

Today, you may think that the term ‘great wall’ is just a name and a figure of speech used to impress people, but the facts about the great wall of China tell us a lot about the history of the country. It was mentioned in the very first pages of the Book of Records of the Chinese; it is mentioned in the Yin dynasty records, the Ming dynasty records, and the Sui dynasty records. The name ‘wall’ is also mentioned in the Tang dynasty’s history, the Puyuan record, and the Buddhist documents. These facts about the great wall of China tell us that the wall was built by the early Han Dynasty around 700 BC.

The reason for the name of the wall being called the great wall of China was mainly because of the material that was used to construct it. The construction of these walls usually began after the capital city had been built. There were two types of walls, the private walls that were constructed inside the Great walls of the country, and the public walls that were constructed outside the city walls. The first kind of wall was mostly made from mud and brick and the other kind was more like a fortification wall that was built from mud brick and adhered to the ground with earthworms. The fact about the origin of the walls tells us that the people of the country used different kinds of natural construction materials for the construction of these great walls.

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Construction of wall

The Great Wall of China started its construction during the Later Dynasty. This is one of the earliest periods in the history of China, and also the longest. During the Later Dynasty, the capital city of Beijing was built. This was the time when the great wall was made. This city served as the capital of the Western Han Dynasty, and the layout of the walls can be seen in almost all the works of art that have been made in China during this time.

Later Dynasty

Some interesting facts about the history of the Great Wall of China tell us that during the Later Dynasty, the army of the ruler of the Western Han Dynasty built another wall around this capital city, and this wall was known as the Wall of Liu-Xu. This wall was built around nineteen hundred years ago. It was two hundred and ten feet high and fifty feet wide. The thickness of the wall was three feet. The width was just four feet, which is not so surprising since, during those days, the people of the country only used stones and bricks for making the wall.

More Facts

Some other interesting facts about the history of the Great Wall of China are the fact that during the Later Dynasty, the Ming Dynasty, the emperor of the Ming Dynasty was very fond of beautifying his walls. He used many different kinds of decorations on them. These include frescos, vases, and even the most costly kind of construction materials. This was done so that the walls of the city would look elegant and beautiful, and the soldiers stationed in the city would feel safe to go inside.

As the years passed by, the Chinese began building walls much higher and thicker, and the entire wall was covered with gold paint, along with jade and other precious stones. Finally, in the Song Dynasty, the last Western Dynasty, the walls were covered completely with blue paint, and the height was almost twenty feet. Today, when you go to look at the great wall of China, you will notice that it is indeed twenty feet tall.

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