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Top 5 Best Android Applications 2022

There are millions of Applications on the Internet and Playstore and this number is increasing on daily basis. It is very difficult to find the best app from these apps, but don’t worry I am here with you. I have brought 5 Best Android Applications for 2022. These android applications are very beneficial for students and other businesses.

1. Loom

Loom is a screen recorder that can do two things at once. One will record the screen but if you open the front camera in it it will also record your fee. When the record is finished it will automatically go to the cloud and generate a link to it. That is, if you do not want to send your recording to Heavy MB, then you must share the link to the next person. And the best part of it is that the next person will not download the link but will stream it directly, that is, he will watch the video as we watch it on YouTube. Great app. Try it

Download Loom App

2: Moises Al Music

Great app. The best feature is if you are listening to a song. In this song, you only need music, not sound. Or just sound, not music. So this app is made for the same purpose. It will only play the vocals of the singer after finishing the background music or it will only play the instrument after removing the voice of the singer. Here is the link

  Download Moises app

3: Who Touch My Fone

Younger siblings. Naughty friends, if they pick up your phone and dial the wrong password, this app will secretly take a picture and save it in the gallery. With this, if someone repeatedly dials the wrong password and unlocks the password, then this app will save all his data, how many times this person opened which app, how many times and what he saw. Great application. Please try. Here is the link

Download App

4: Socratic by Google

This is a great app for students. Whether it’s a question of math or physics, it will help. All you have to do now is open this app open the camera and take a picture of the question from your book. Then there will be three to four answers with explanations. Is Google’s app and will not only answer the box-related questions but will also give you the answers to the questions given to you automatically. Try this amazing app. Here is the link

Download App

5: Solar Walk Lite

Great app for science students. Which satellite is currently flying over our planet for what purpose? With the help of this app, you can see. Here is a link to a good app

Download App

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