Scope of organic chemistry

organic chemistry scope and difficulty level in Pakistan?

Organic chemistry is the branch  that deals  hydrocarbons. It is one of the specializations of pure chemistry. However,  has a vast scope across Pakistan. scope of organic chemistry increases day by day.

Organic chemists can chase their careers in many fields such as medicinal chem, food science, environmental studies. In Pakistan it provides excellent opportunities for students  to get highly paid jobs.

This blog helps you to get into the advantages. And tells about scope of it . It  also provides you with all the necessary info about its career guidelines, and eligibility criteria. 

 jobs in organic chemistry:

In Pakistan, there are many opportunities for chemists. They may choose any of the fields  mentioned below:

  • Biochemists:

Chemists can chase their degree in biochemistry. They can get a good pay scale  in labs-oriented jobs and teaching. They can also continue their post-doc in any  field. 

  • Medicinal chemists:

Medicinal chemistry is one of the most highly paying research programs. Students who pursue their degree in it. And can easily get jobs.  Like, in global companies as research analysts.

  • Teaching and research:

Organic chemistry can also help to chase your career in teaching. You can take a doctorate degree in it. Side by side, You can  also continue your research work .  Professors have good pay scales.  And huge respect in the community. so, its a bonus!

  • Industry jobs:

This program can also provide you a chance to have some experience in  the industry. You can apply for jobs in Unilever and Nestle etc. And can cash your degree there. 

  • Environmental scientists:

It also offers specialization in environmental chemistry. The climatic changes are drastic. And the problems are increasing . Thus, environmental scientists being the need of the hour. High in demand and paid. There are many universities that offer this program.

Uni that offer organic chemistry:

In Pakistan, almost all the public uni are offering different programs in it. The students have to pass SSC and HSSC with good grades.  While a few private uni also offer BS and MS/PhD in it.

Eligibility criteria and scope:

In order to follow a degree in it, you must have an intermediate degree with a pre-med/pre-engineering. For an admission in it, you have to get at least 60% marks in  intermediate.  You have to score well. In order to compete with the merit.